About Us

Our company have adopted the principle of providing the highest quality service at the most affordable price with our industry experience and trust since 1991. We can reach 81 provinces of the country and provide service with our storages in the 6 cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Trabzon). We serve with our rich product range such as 3rd quality newspaper paper, packaging paper (SEKA), SCA/SCB Paper, Textile transfer paper, stocklot paper and LWC paper in our 16.000 m2 storage area. For your requests other than our these product range, orders can be received and supplied as soon as possible.

Why Arslan Printing?

  • We have been in the sector since 1991.
  • We provide fast delivery and cheap logistics services with our storages in 6 centers (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Trabzon).
  • We offer the best price with quality paper types.
  • Since we import directly from the largest paper producers of the world, we always provide the most affordable price advantage.
  • With 16,000 m2 of storage area, we provide continuous and available product range.
  • We provide the opportunity to ship products in the desired tonnage or quantity (either 1 coil or 1 truck).
  • We offer the opportunity to deliver products with containers to all orts of Turkey without price difference.

Who is Halil Arslan?

I am married and have 6 children.
I know Arabic as a foreign language. I first started in the sector in 1969 as a printing house worker in Günaydın Newspaper in Adana. After a while, I passed to Hürriyet Newspaper and worked there for 4 years. Then I again continued my business life as Adana Printing House Manager in Günaydın Newspaper. When Sabah Newspaper was founded in 1985, I created the first staff of the Adana printing house and worked as administrative manager. In 1986, I resigned from Sabah Newspaper and established my own company in Adana and started the paper trade.

In 1991, I started printing in Adana in line with the demands of national and local newspapers I interviewed. Then I installed printing houses in Trabzon, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and finally Istanbul. Of course, these did not happen in a split second. It has occurred by working together with our devoted, hardworking and expert employees for many years without compromising discipline and honesty.

We reached the chain of printing houses with high-tech that printed the most newspapers of Turkey with our 120 employees, with storage capacity of 16,000 m2 in 6 regions of Turkey by working so and constantly investing in our business. In addition, within our body; there are regional İLKHABER NEWSPAPER publishing daily in Adana and its surroundings, İLKSES NEWSPAPER publishing daily in İzmir and GÜNEY HAKİMİYET NEWSPAPER publishing weekly throughout Turkey. Our newspapers, which have a respected place in the press community, always aim to make neutral, accurate and principled publications.

We import paper directly from manufacturer factories with our 16.000 m2 storages in 6 regions of Turkey and sell it at the most affordable price.

We contribute to the country’s economy only by investing in the sector, what we earn from the sector. As a part of our job, my phone is open for 24/7 and I am at work. We are in constant contact with our employees and business partners in terms of journalism, printing and stationery to achieve better and we are focused only on doing our job in the best way.

As in yerterday, our determination to work continues today and tomorrow to always do our job in the best way. We want to continue to contribute to the country’s economy by investing in new technologies without compromising honesty and accuracy.

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